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Media Uploads

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Welcome to media_uploads!
A place to download all types of music, videos, and movies. I came up with this community when I noticed I have ALOT of media on my computer and thought to share. I will be uploading everything from anime, Jpop music, Japan movies, television programs everything I have downloaded and will be downloading.

If you feel you have a hell of al ot of media, feel out the application below. I need people who will post often(not everyday! :) ).

If you would just like to download and discuss the movies and music just join and download away!

General Rules
*Do not harass someone for media. If you would like to request something go right ahead, but do not harass them for anything.

*Please comment! I would love to see how you think of the things I upload.

*If you want to request a song, a movie clip don't be afraid to ask! You can ask HERE

*Members get sneak previews to downloads that won't be public in days! So join you never know what might come up.


Posters Rules
*No big images. All images can be to a max of 400x400. No images except posters for movies or album covers. Icons or banners may not be posted here.

*No advertising of communities. You may leave a link back to you journal if you wish but DO NOT advertise.

*If you do not post in 3 months you will lose your posting access

*All entries MUST be tagged! A result in not tagging will get your posting access suspended.