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OMFG..again. LOVE THIS ALBUM! Its like Distance with hints of ultra blue and beats from exodus. Its a REAL pop and R&B album! Hikki's essence is all over it! She moves with an American beat but keeps her deep lyrics. I am LOVING Apples and Cinnamon. It's like simple and clean. You also have to check out Crying like A Child (This is the one). I knew it was one song in the album that was the name of the album. Although you have to listen REALLY hard to here her say This is the one. Also check out On and On, FYI, Dirty Desire, Me Muero. She really kicked ASS with this album. She's letting everyone know that she CAN cross over. So erase all of exodus out of your mind and let this album grow on you (and give you a rash)

Love it, Live it...seriously

*That is NOT the official cover for the album.(although its included in the download). I REALLY HATE the album cover and I'm not really sure if its the real one!

*PLEASE SUPPORT HIKKI AND BUY HER ALBUM WHEN IT COMES OUT MAY 25th! You can keep the tracks but have the disc on the side. We have to give her major physical sales!


For more information including the track list, pictures, and download link click the cut

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20 February 2008 @ 03:24 pm
as of April 15, 2008. please join to see recent and old posts

Hi and welcome to media_uploads! A place to download all types of music, videos, and movies. I came up witht his comunity when I noticed I have ALOT of media on my computer and thought to share. I will be uploading everything from anime, Jpop music, Japan movies, television programs everything I have downloaded and will be downloading.

As of now I am the only one posting, but if you feel you have a hell of al ot of media, feel out the application below. I need people who will post often(not everyday! :) ).

If you would just like to download and discuss the movies and music just join and download away!

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